Betrayal of trust

In the middle of 2016, my uncle knew someone who is working in a government sector and promised that I will get a place in teaching post next year. Feeling so high, I did not care much about my future as I thought he would help me and my family based on our situation. I also did not bother to apply other places as well because my parents feared that he do not like it when I applied somewhere but he already ‘arranged’ me to a position in government sector.

In March 2017, majority of the candidates were called for interview. I was worried. What if I did not get calls from them? My mum and I went to visit my uncle and discussed about this if he can get the person to contact the inner people to call me. Instead he said “Just keep waiting, there are a lot more people who haven’t got any calls yet”. But I refuted that “But there are many people already got the call from them! The interview is gonna end in 3 days soon”. Then he said this “If they did not call you, you can to apply other private schools”.

I clenched my fists and tried not to cry in front of him. I bit my tongue and pinched my own arms so I don’t feel mentally pain. It was a huge nuclear bomb for me to handle the news. My own uncle who always get his ‘business’ done easily because of connections. He managed to get his own son to medical school despite his son does not wish to be in medical school and failed few papers in few semesters.

I wasted my time and opportunities because of trusting him too much. Not only that, I can’t earn more than $1000 per month to meet my family’s needs and personal savings.

When I think all that, I went out of the house and went to a beach all by myself. I was so hurt. I really wanted to support my family. But I have been failing the psychometric tests over and over again. I heard rumours that some people can get through all that because of connections. Even a third class degree can get into a government officer post.

In conclusion, you can’t rely too much on other people. You have to make yourself work.


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